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Provider Registry:

The Registry of Clinical Evaluators and Treatment Providers is a list of professionals who have been approved by DBHDD to provide clinical evaluations and/or substance abuse treatment for the DUI Intervention Program. No person may conduct clinical evaluations or provide substance abuse treatment to DUI offenders without first having obtained approval by DBHDD and are currently listed as a Clinical Evaluator or Treatment Provider on the registry.


    All applications shall be submitted online(by registering with the DUI Interventions Program using the link provided on the upper right handside of this page) and on forms prepared by DBHDD, following a procedure outlined by DBHDD. The application shall include all information, fees, and documents designated by DBHDD and shall be truthful, accurate and complete. DBHDD may require an applicantHome.aspx to submit additional information or verification that is reasonably related to making an approval determination. Applicants are required to submit applications electronically through the website,Print the Required portion and mail to DUI Intervention Program with all the required documents. For Treatment Provider Only: The treatment provider must provide treatment services, specifying the ASAM level of care to be offered. The treatment provider must demonstrate the capability to offer the specified level of care. Treatment providers offering services at ASAM level II.1 or higher must be licensed by the state of Georgia's HEALTHCARE FACILITY REGULATIONS as a drug treatment program(see DCH HEALTHCARE FACILITY REGULATION) Treatment providers offering only ASAM level I must designate a substance abuse professional who is responsible for direct clinical services.

    In order to be placed on the Registry of Clinical Evaluators and/or Treatment Providers, the Applicant must have one of the following combinations of professional licensure, credentials or experience. Certification as an addiction medicine specialist by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM); Certification is addiction psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology; State certification as a Certified Addiction Counselor - Level II by the Georgia Addiction Counselors Association (GACA) National certification by the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors Association (NAADAC) or International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium (ICRC) Certificate of Proficiency in the Treatment of Alcohol and Other Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders from the American Psychological Association’s College of Professional Psychology; OR Licensure under O.C.G.A. Title 43 as a physician, psychologist, professional counselor, social worker, marriage and family therapist, advanced nurse practitioner, or registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree in nursing AND Documented 2000 hours of clinical experience in the treatment of personal who are addicted to alcohol or other drugs with at least 500 hours of the above 2000 hours experience in the administration of substance abuse clinical evaluation Documentation of at least 20 hours of continuing education in the field of substance abuse with not more than 5 of these hours consisting of in-service training. Continuing education and in-service training must have been accomplished within a two-year period immediately prior to application.

    A Clinical Evaluator and/or Treatment Provider applicant will not be placed on the registry until: •the application is reviewed and approved; •all fees associated with the application process are paid; •applicants have attended up to three-days orientation training sponsored by DBHDD; Once approved, the Clinical Evaluator and/or Treatment Provider will be assigned a User Identification (UserID) also known as Provider Number. The provider’s information will be included on the Department ’s website following approval. Clinical Evaluator and/or Treatment Provider applicants may not begin to provide any services until your name appears on the registry.

    DBHDD approves professionals, not programs, for the purpose of providing evaluations for DUI offenders. The approved location is the address which will appear on the CE/TP registry listing on the website. Each approved location will be given a Service Identification number. The UserID/Provider Number will remain valid, as long as the provider remains in compliance with the Rules and Regulations. Clinical Evaluators and/or Treatment Providers may not provide any services unless their name appears on the registry with no current suspension or revocation indicated. Clinical Evaluators and/or Treatment Providers whose professional license or certification becomes suspended or surrendered must notify the Department within two days of that event. The Department may then suspend or delete the Providers listing.

    Each Clinical Evaluator and/or Treatment Provider shall complete, every two years, 20 contact hours of continuing education in substance abuse approved by DBHDD. DBHDD will approve no more than five hours of in-service training within a two-year period as counting toward the minimum 20 hours continuing education requirement. Training hours must be documented. Clinical Evaluators and/or Treatment Providers need to maintain a copy of attendance certificates, or training records, which will be reviewed at the time of an audit and submitted when renewing their placement on the registry.

    1. Each Clinical Evaluator and/or Treatment Provider who is approved and placed on the registry of clinical evaluators shall continue to maintain the required initial qualifications and meet continuing education requirements, and upon request shall provide documentation showing evidence thereof. Upon renewal or reissuance of any applicable licensure, certification or credentialing, or upon request by the department, the Clinical Evaluators and/or Treatment Providers shall provide a copy of the renewed or reissued license, certification or credentialing to the department. 2. Each Clinical Evaluators and/or Treatment Providers shall notify the department within 30 days of the occurrence if the evaluator's license, certification or credentialing is revoked, suspended, terminated, or lost for any other reason. The Clinical Evaluators and/or Treatment Providers may not administer clinical evaluations or conduct treatment after the effective date of revocation, suspension, termination or other loss of license, certification, or credentialing. 3. If any provider fails to submit documentation as required, or fails to maintain the required license, certification, or credentialing, the approval as an Clinical Evaluators and/or Treatment Providers may be revoked, and the provider may be removed from the registry effective as of the date of the revocation, suspension, termination or other loss of licensure, certification, or credentialing.

    The department will provide the Registry for public viewing on the Internet. Once placed on the Registry, an individual will continue to be listed in active Registry status unless one of the following events occurs, which event shall constitute a basis for revocation:
    1. The Clinical Evaluator fails to administer any clinical evaluation or provide treatment within any continuous twelve-month period,
    2. The Treatment Provider fails to enroll a new client in a continuos 6 month period
    3. The Clinical Evaluator and/or Treatment Providers fails to render monthly activity report on the DBHDD DIPAS Online Reporting System,
    4. The Clinical Evaluator and/or Treatment Provider fails to comply with the requirements of DDHDD regulations,
    5. The Clinical Evaluator and/or Treatment Provider notifies the department that the he/she no longer wishes to remain on the registry
    6. The Clinical Evaluator and/or Treatment Provider ceases to meet the qualifications listed above or
      The Clinical Evaluator and/or Treatment Provider provides false or misleading information to the department.
  • REINSTATEMENT If a Clinical Evaluator and/or Treatment Provider is removed from active registry status in accordance with any of the above, the provider approval may be revoked and the Clinical Evaluator and/or Treatment Provider may have to submit a new application in order to return to active Registry status, including an application fee, the amount of which shall be determined from time to time by the Board of Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities. The department may also require the Clinical Evaluator and/or Treatment Provider to comply satisfactorily with a corrective action plan to correct any deficiencies under these rules or other requirements of the department.

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